Scenes from Episode 4.08 (Akanahe) starring Alex O'Loughlin as Steve McGarrett, Chi McBride as SWAT Captain Lou Grover, and Nick Jonas as hacker Ian Wright.

With national security in mind and at the behest of the Governor, McGarrett and Captain Grover set out to serve a warrant on a young computer hacker. (

Music: Jonas Brothers Linkin Park - The Catalyst (A Thousand Suns)
Just for fun. Scenes from episode 4.03 "Ka 'oia'i'o ma loko"
starring Alex O'Loughlin as Steve McGarrett, Masi Oka as Max Bergmann, Scott Caan as Danny Williams, and Michelle Borth as Catherine Rollins.

Music: Toy Story OST (Randy Newman, Lyle Lovett)
"I will burn for you / Feel pain for you / I will twist the knife and bleed my aching heart / And tear it apart ..."

Link for mobile devices, the USA and Canada here.

MOONLIGHT, Episode 1.09: "Fleur de Lis" (2008) starring Alex O'Loughlin as Mick St. John, Sophia Myles as Beth Turner, and Shannyn Sossamon as Coraline/Morgan.

Music: Garbage - #1 Crush (Romeo & Juliet OST)

Synopsis: Mick hires Morgan (aka Coraline) for a case of suspected infidelity. Meanwhile Beth investigates Morgan's past, and realizes she's encountered her before.

Alternative Version:

Music: Garbage - #1 Crush (Original Version)

Three Rivers, Episodes 1.03 (Good Intentions) & 1.05 (Alone Together)

starring Daniel Henney as Dr. David Lee, Alex O'Loughlin as Dr. Andy Yablonski, Kelly Overton as Det. Rena Yablonski, and Alfre Woodard as Dr. Sophia Jordan.

Music: Everlast - I Can't Move (I just love that song!)
Episode 3.20 isn't one of my favorites, but I made a fanvid nonetheless.
Music: Linkin Park - Leave Out All the Rest

My new video: Hawaii Five-0, ep. 3.16 "Kekoa"

This one's just too funny! Video by Stellar Meadow

So, I tried the impossible. I made a fan-video of MARVEL'S Man-Thing that focusses on Alex O'Loughlin and skips the ridiculous tree-monster. I think its legit.

"You can be the boss, daddy / You can be the boss / Bad to the bone, sick as a dog /
You know that I like, like you a lot / Don't let it stop..."

Alex O'Loughlin as bad boy Marcus Bohem in The Invisible (2007)

I've put together all the Star Trek references I've noticed so far. Actually, I find some of them pretty lame, but it's the thought that counts. ;) Let me know if there's more.

I know that Hawaii Five-0 has the best theme song ever, but when I saw Magnum’s (or rather TC’s) helicopter in the Christmas episode, I just had to do this:

Scenes taken from episodes 1.01, 3.11 and the CBS Winter promo 2012/13. No copyright infringement intended.
My new video (please watch in HD):

Alex O'Loughlin and Jonathan Rhys Meyers in August Rush (2007)
Music: Green Day - Good Riddance

Merry Christmas!

I spent my whole Sunday on this. Vidding is fun.

Moonlight, Season 1, Episode 7: "The Ringer" (2007)
Music: David Bowie - Cat People (Inglourious Basterds OST)

Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin) meets his former wife, Coraline (Shannyn Sossamon), who turned him into a vampire.
Oops, I did it again...

Another fanvid I made. Alex O'Loughlin as Vincent.

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