Gangnam Blues (강남 1970) is a 2015 South Korean noir action film written and directed by Yoo Ha, starring Lee Min-ho and Kim Rae-won.

The film is set in the 1970s against the backdrop of the real estate development of Seoul's Gangnam district amidst socio-political turmoil. The friendship of two childhood friends is tested as they find themselves entangled in the collusion and battles between political powers and criminal organizations.

"In the wild frontier, off the beaten track
In the wild frontier, better watch your back
Where your dreams get real or your blood gets spilled
Gotta face your fears in the wild frontier"

Music: The Prodigy - Wild Frontier (from the Album "The Day Is My Enemy)

Daniel Henney (다니엘 필립 헤니) for CGV, August Man, On Style, dal.komm, Arena, PESPOW, W.Angle, MAPOOL, and InStyle Korea.

Music: Muse - Feeling Good (from the album "Origin of Symmetry")

Update: Slightly enhanced version:

Daniel Henney in Still Life in Los Angeles, The Spy: Undercover Operation, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Seducing Mr. Perfect, and Shanghai Calling

Music: Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans (Born to Die)

for Gauri @Thakurain_
Scenes from 스파이 The Spy: Undercover Operation (2013) starring Daniel Henney as terrorist Ryan.

Music: Jo Yeong-wook - 베를린 The Berlin File OST (2013)
My Father (마이 파더) is a 2007 South Korean film, written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The film, which is based on a true story, is about an adopted son who is searching for his biological parents in South Korea. During his search he meets a man who claims to be his real father, a condemned murderer on death row.

Cast: Daniel Henney (James Parker), Kim Yeong-cheol (Hwang Nam-cheol), Richard Riehle (John Parker)

Music: Linkin Park - Roads Untraveled (Living Things)
Scenes from The Fugitive: Plan B (도망자: Plan B / Domangja: Plan B), ep. 20

starring Rain (aka Jung Ji Hoon) as P.I. Ji Woo, Lee Na Young as Ji Ni, Daniel Henney as Kai, and Kim Soo Hyun as Sophie

Plot summary:

All her life Jin Ji Ni has been running for her life as the anonymous and seemingly omnipresent Melchidech tracks her down.
When she decides that she needs to attack rather than run away, she seeks the help of Private Investigator Ji Woo, a man who will solve any case as long as he receives the right sum of money.
Ji Woo has been framed for the murder of his best friend Kevin and as the search for Melchidech sends Ji Ni and Ji Woo across Asia, the Korean Police officers Do Soo and Yoon So Ran follow.
Knowing that Ji Woo will use Ji Ni as bait in order to find Melchidech, her boyfriend Kai also follows, demanding that Ji Ni stays with him.
However, when Ji Ni learns more about the reason for being wanted by Melchidech, she intends to stay alongside Ji Woo and unravel the mystery together.

Music: Depeche Mode - Policy of Truth (Violator)
Daniel Henney and Jung Ryeo Won on “Hello, Franceska” (aka 안녕! 프란체스카), Episodes 47/48 (Vampire’s Secret)

Part I: Love in December (Club 8)

Part II: Love Song for a Vampire (Annie Lennox)

Scenes from the Korean movie "The Spy: Undercover Operation" set to Lana Del Rey's "Burning Desire".

Just for fun. This video does NOT imply that Lana Del Rey has a burning desire for Daniel Henney (I wouldn't judge her though). No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to their respective owners.

스파이 The Spy: Undercover Operation, directed by Yi Seung-Jun, starring Moon So-Ri, Sol Kyung-Gu, and Daniel Henney (2013)

Scenes from "The Spy: Undercover Operation" (스파이) and a few snippets of "One Night Surprise" (夜惊喜) starring Daniel Henney.

Extended Version including some clips from Shanghai Calling:

Madonna wouldn't let me use the original song on YouTube, so there's just a
crappy karaoke version ...

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